Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne Close My Eyes Forever

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Исполнитель песни: Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne

Название песни: Close My Eyes Forever

Длина mp3: 04:42

Добавлено: 2014-12-16

Просмотров текста: 497

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Полный текст песни:

Baby, I get so scared inside and I don`t really understand
Is it love that`s on your mind or is it fantasy
Heaven, is in the palm of my hand, and it`s waiting here for you
What am I supposed to do with a childhood tragedy

(Lita and Ozzy alternating)
If I close my eyes forever
Will it all remain unchanged
If I close my eyes forever
Will it all remain the same

Sometimes it`s hard to hold on
So hard to hold on to my dreams
It isn`t always what it seems
When you`re face to face with me

You`re like a dagger
And you stick me in the heard
And taste the blood from my blade
And when we sleep would you shelter me
In your warm and darkened embrace


Will you ever take me
Mo, I just can`t take the pain
But would you ever trust me
No, I`ll never feel the same....OOh...

Ozzy Osbourne And Lita Ford - Close My Eyes Forever (HQ)
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